Erotic Art, Writing and Sensuality

This is an outlet for erotic creative expression from a woman’s perspective, sharing musings on various topics from squirting to giving head.

Our time and our precious lives need sensuality. We need to be touched, caressed, spanked, and adored. We need to feel primal and powerful, but at the same time soft and intimate. Life is busy.  There is not always time or not always a partner to share these moments with.  I hope that my writings, musings and art sparks these feelings in you and brings a touch of delicious sexiness into your day.

I guess I am saying, I hope you read my blog and touch yourself. 


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About Me

Born and raised in Northern California I grew up in your average American family home. My parents were wicked smart and there is a lot of creative juices flowing in my family. Somehow I ended up being the one that is over sexed. 

I’ve always been in love with dancing and artistic expression. In fact, my college degree is a Bachelors in Design/art.  This was back in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Life back then was dedicated to creating and I’ve come back full circle to do that again by writing, drawing and my newest adventure creating erotic videos.

During my break of creative adventures I’ve been a wife, a Chinese medicine graduate student and I’ve never stopped dancing whether it be salsa, modern dance, or flamenco. This is why my videos are so enticing, I know how to move. Not only do I move well I am an innate performer and can transcend through dance. For a time I was quite serious about this and considered getting my MFA in dance. Instead, I chose something practical such as alternative health. 

Learning and studying about the Eastern perspective of health I believe has kept me young and vibrant as I enter into my 50’s. Meditation, yoga, hiking in nature and eating healthy are all my hobbies. I don’t even have a TV! 

Why book with me

Not only am I fun loving, mature and confident I’m also educated. As a great conversationalist you will be in great company for our special date.

I was once told I was a ‘rare package’. Petite, but voluptuous; light hearted and silly, but intelligent. I’m passionate while at the same time calm and zen.



Donna Series

So far I’ve written seven installments of the Donna Series. The latest I’ve taken it in a different direction. I’m always influenced by whatever I’m reading so when I’m reading crime and suspense that could be what inspires me. I might need some good suggestions as to where this will go. Regardless, I’m having fun …

Dirty Donna

Dirty Donna is a series of erotic stories I will be creating for my onlyfans page. Part one is the teaser to hopefully convince you to join onlyfans.com/lovingisdancing for more down right sexual debauchery of Donna’s adventures. It’s only $7.99 a month! PART ONE Donna is tall.  She stands out because of it. Still she …